In 2017, I wanted to find a quiet place that is not overrated and not overrun with all the tourists of the world. I was scouring the internet for great destinations when I stumbled upon Sri Lanka. The moment I saw the pictures, I was hooked and started planning my solo trip there. I finally managed to go there sometime during the year and this is how it went.

The Arrival

I landed at Bandaranaike International Airport armed with my list of things to see and do; of course gleaned from the online destination sites. Outside the airport, I could see several transportation options such as the taxi, bus and the independent services that will take you wherever you want. I wanted to visit the city of Kandy first. So, armed with the knowledge, I took a taxi that took me right to a hotel in the City of Kandy.

The City of Kandy

sri lankaIt took me half a day to reach the lovely city of Kandy which was surrounded by beautiful rainforest hills. At my first glimpse of Kandy, I felt its promise. Tired from my journey I still wanted to do some sight-seeing before I retired for the day. So I dropped my luggage at the hotel and started with the temple of Tooth Relic which was first on my list. This site wasn’t made a UNESCO World Heritage site for nothing, it was beautiful. I later strolled outside the shrine along the stretch of Kandy Lake. I happened to meet some traditional Dancers in their act courtesy of the Kandyan Dancing Cultural Show which was right in from of Kandy lake.

On my second day, I visited Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens whose fragrance was refreshing, more temples and then later visited the National Museum of Kandy which holds memories of a rich history.

Sigiriya Rock Climb

On my third day, I visited another one of Sri Lanka’s UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Sigiriya Rock. I took a couple of pictures at the impressive Lion staircase that led into the palace. I finally got to the summit and I beheld the breath-taking view of the surrounding countryside. I was also able to explore the fortress further and happened to marvel at the ruins of the palace and the extensive gardens, ponds, alleys, canals and fountains.

Magical Train Ride To Nanu Oya

sri lankaI decided to take a train ride from Kandy to Nanu Oya on my fifth day after exploring the rest of Kandy. I was treated to a scenic delight and for a moment I thought I was staring at real live paintings of greenery fields. When I alighted, I visited the renowned Pedro Estate tea factory and took a cup of magical and great tasting tea from a cozy teahouse as I delighted in the extensive green plantations.

My Last Night

After exploring various parts of Sri Lanka, I decided to spend my last night in a small town that I had read about online called Hikkaduwa, located on the south coast. The town was indeed as described on the online sites. Beautiful sunset, comfortable accommodation, beachfront cafes and a peaceful scenery. As I took a taxi to Bandaranaike International Airport the next day, I felt like I will carry a part of Sri Lanka in my heart forever, there is just something magical about the country and when I begin missing the magic, I will definitely come back.