sri lanka


If you are looking for a beautiful and exotic destination that is rich in culture, wildlife, nature and friendly smiling faces, Sri Lanka is the place. The country is located between India and Southeast Asia. To get the best of what this country has to offer, here are 7 things that you must try in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan Local Cuisine

Sri Lankan specialties like fresh crab curry, coconut Sambal, egg hoppers, sour fish curry (Fish ambul thiyal), Sri Lankan hamburger (Kottu) and many local delicacies made from seafood just to mention a few. Since it is an island in the Indian Ocean, it is expected that seafood will take a major part of the local Sri Lankan cuisine. The local food is delicious and a must-try if you are visiting Sri Lanka because you will remember that taste for a long time.

Climb Sigiriya


This fortress that dates back to the 5th century AD is one of Sri Lanka’s seven World Heritage Sites. The environment is more spiritual than militant because it acted as a royal palace then later became a Buddhist monastery. This fortress has some of the oldest landscaped gardens in the world. There is also a mirror wall which is a well-polished masonry wall where the king back then could see his reflection.

A Walk With Elephants

In Sri Lanka, you will see elephants in all their bejeweled and sequined glory. You will also get to see elephants roaming free in Uda Walawe National park which protects the Uda Walawe Reservoir that is home to extensive stretches of grassland, a scrub jungle, and a riverine forest. You can also do some bird watching here too and it will be worth your time.

Meet The Blue Whales

blue-whaleThere is an area in Sri Lanka’s southern tip where the blue whales are found. The blue whales can be spotted here between January and April. Most of them pass this region from the Bay of Bengal to the Western Indian Ocean. You can watch them hunt krill and squid if you are lucky, but just seeing the blue whales and lots of them, is quite a sight to behold. Make sure you have a good camera to snap the pictures with.

Leopard Spotting in Yala

You can’t leave Sri Lanka without spotting Sri Lanka’s alpha predator which is under protection in various national parks. However, to see the leopard easily go to Yala, located on the southern coast of the Island.

Go To The Untouched Islands

There are several islands that can be found off Sri Lanka’s northernmost tip. The biggest island in this group is called sleepy Neduntivu with a population of about 3800 and herd of wild horses. There are no hotels on this island but if you need a quiet and slow pace of life with friendly locals for a few days, this is the place.

Visit Pretty Town Kandy

KandyKandy, the last capital of ancient Sri Lankan kings is a pretty town located beside a lake in the region’ s central highlands. When you visit this town, ensure that you visit the famous ‘Temple of the Tooth’. You could also add your own petal offerings and light votive candles after joining the devout.

Sri Lanka has a lot to offer the tourist and the above suggestions should start you off on a great adventure.